Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well...Chase is a tough little cookie! Last Thursday night he went to bed at 9:00, everything perfectly normal. Around that time Alex started saying he didn't feel very well. By 11:00 Chase was awake with a fever of 102.6, Alex had a fever around 102 and both had a horrendous cough. We survived the night and took Chase to the doctor Friday, he now had a fever of 104.2. (When Alex is sick we put him in front of the tv with ginger ale and kiss his forehead, give him a little Tylenol and he's fine, we don't have to panic like Chase).

The pediatrician swabbed his little nostrils and he tested positive for H1N1! Both he and Alex were scheduled to be vaccinated at 10:15 on Saturday, of course. They were both put on Tamiflu, and as long as Chase did well with the Tamiflu for a couple of days we could add an antibiotic to prevent bronchitis/pneumonia which was our huge concern.

We went home, stayed on top of the fevers, kept as much fluids into him as possible (NOT easy at first)...Grandma's chicken soup helped SO much! He LOVED the broth! That got him eating again. We were just about to take him to Children's for IV fluids when he started downing chicken broth.

By Saturday night they both were really starting to go uphill, I was amazed and worried something was lurking around the corner...but there wasn't! Sunday the pediatrician called in Z-paks for them both. Dave had started antibiotics the day before (he and I both have bronchitis already) and I started a Z-pak as well on Sunday.

The kids are doing GREAT! Chase is perky, silly...Alex is back to talking loud and nonstop. After all the horror stories I just wanted to let everyone know, the diagnosis CAN be managed. GET the antibiotics BEFORE the secondary infection!!!

Thanksgiving has been canceled, but I'd rather have healthy children! :o)


Thursday, November 12, 2009

G-Tube update 11/4/09

Hello! We just got back from Chase's consult with the the surgeon (Dr. Caty) and wanted to let you know he is scheduled for surgery on January 4th unless something opens up sooner, grrr...his schedule is packed because he's off a few weeks with the Holidays coming up...we really liked him...he'll be doing an umbilical hernia repair (Chase will finally have a beautiful INNIE belly button!!!) and the g-tube. He said to expect to have it for a few years (that's considered temporary in g-tube world). He was in total agreement that it doesn't have to be a permanent thing and that we should really focus on solid feedings once the tube is placed. At least it's finally scheduled, a step in the right direction!

Take care!