Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's finally summer!

Hi Everyone,

Chase is having a great summer so far. We got away two weeks ago with Traci's family to Southampton, Ontario on Lake Huron for a long weekend. It was nice to escape for a few days!

Our schedule is filling up with home visits with therapists. He now has Physical Therapy twice a week, his vision teacher comes twice a week, he starts Speech this week to help with solid food feedings, next month he starts Occupational Therapy as well as Orientation and Mobility with someone from the Preschool for the Visually Impaired. I get the feeling they'll tell me to move my furniture around, LOL. They will also start getting him "pretrained" for a cane.

We are being added to a waiting list to adopt a retired guide dog...(Dave hasn't actually agreed yet, but...he will)...this will get Chase used to being around a very well trained dog. Service dogs only work up to the age of 10 and then retire. So he could start with a pet and eventually have a working guide dog.

Alex finished up Elementary School last week. He received an Academic Achievement Award so we got to go to an assembly last Wednesday. He was SO PROUD! (And handsome I might add.)

I hope everyone is enjoying a fun filled, relaxing summer!

Take Care! XOXO


  1. I am so happy to see you boys! Alex, I miss you a lot, I bet you barely remember me :) You're a young man now, and I met you when you were just two years old. How time flies!

    Dear little Chase, you are adorable. You look so much like your mom one minute and so much like your dad in other photos, and like Alex and Keith both all the time!

    I love you guys, please take care and stay in touch.

    Auntie Christy

  2. Hi!!!! Just wanted to say, just kidding. Great idea Heather! XOXOXO