Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Genetics Results


On to the next diagnosis...At least we don't have to worry about Chase and cardiomyopathy now!

I got a very nice phone call from Dr. Du Plessis (from Boston Children's Hospital) Sunday afternoon. He suggests we look deeper into the possibility that Chase hemorrhaged into his cerebellum before birth. We have scheduled to go to Boston the first week of October. We will have a very detailed MRI (it will give a lot more info. than the ones he's had here) and then sit with Dr. Du Plessis and Dr. Limperopoulos (the Dr. I've been speaking of from Montreal) to discuss findings on Oct. 7th. They can't promise a diagnosis but this is what their research is focused on, so if they can't diagnose Chase, down the line, our hope is someone's child will benefit from what they learn from Chase.

Ok, other news...September 14th...EYE SURGERY!!! Dr. Awner will be tightening the muscles in the back of Chase's eyes to straighten out the cross-eyed appearance. It won't change his vision except to help him use his eyes together more.

That's it for now, we actually have a quiet week, KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!!

Have a great week, enjoy the sunshine we finally have if you're in WNY!!!


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