Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Make-A-Wish Part I

Last Thursday night we had a wonderful visit with our volunteer team from The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Miss Margi and Miss Kayleigh. Chase's PT, Sarah, Special Instruction Teacher, Anissa, And Speech Therapist, Denise, were all there to help design the perfect therapy/sensory/play room for Chase. The entire room's theme revolves around this set of wall mirrors:

There will be a "starry sky fiber optic ceiling", tons of mirrors, tons of lights, a bubble tower that changes color to his voice, a trampoline, karaoke machine, lots of texture exercises, gym mats, a big storage shelf shaped like a wave, a big vibrating turtle, a water table, a spin top big enough to put him in and spin him around (lol), and a bunch of other therapy items and toys!

I can't wait!

Margi and Kayleigh stayed until around 9pm, at 10:30 that night Margi called to say she had gotten Alex and a friend each a spot at the "Geek Squad Academy" for 4 days in July! HOW SWEET is it that she was SO excited to have done something for Alex!?!? So Alex and Christopher (Paula's son and longtime friend of Alex) will be geeking it up together this summer! They'll be learning about making movies, editing music, etc.

As soon as we hear anything new I'll be sure to fill you in. XOXO

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