Thursday, September 16, 2010

Make-a-Wish Part 2

Chase had a fantastic time Tuesday night getting into everything (ok, so did Mom and Daddy)!!!  Half of his room is completed, half is being delivered here soon, so the fun goes on!  Tuesday night he was given a desk, bean bag chair, multiple rope lights, net lights and a lighted bubble tube.  He got many room decorations including mirrors and decals.  We opened multiple tactile sensory toys, motion toys, Fisher Price toys, giant blocks, and an adapted swing...Still to arrive are his fiber optic ceiling, a karaoke machine, physical therapy equipment, a trampoline, gym mats, an adorable rug, a wave shaped bookshelf, a water table etc. etc....AMAZING!


1 comment:

  1. WOW - how happy does he look with that light. They've always fascinated me too, lol! He's so worth all the worry.

    Just staying in touch and following up on Chase. Sorry Alex had some trouble in school, he really doesn't sound like he deserves that - he seems like a great son and a great big brother - I wish my oldest two loved each other as much. You must be great parents to have managed to that - my oldest two fight like cat and dog, but the youngest is loved by everyone!

    stay strong!

    Mrs Kez