Saturday, February 21, 2009

A bit of good news...

Chase had a scintiscan last week (to check for gastro esophageal reflux). The doctor at the feeding clinic was afraid Chase may have had reflux to the point that it was causing him to take stomach acid into his lungs...NOT the case. He did test positive for reflux, but only half way up his esophagus. No aspirations. He started taking Prevacid last night. Maybe he will start sleeping through the night again!

Also, on Thursday this week he had a Nuclear Renal Scan. He had this because he has had two kidney infections this year and they were checking to see if he had any scarring (damage) on his kidneys. If he had shown scarring we would have discussed fixing his ureters surgically to stop the infections. Our friend Allyson (the Nurse Practitioner in Urology who has been GREAT with us)called yesterday to say his kidneys are perfect and beautiful. Maybe the renal reflux is getting better on it's own!

It's fun to get happy news once in awhile!