Friday, February 27, 2009

Our March Calendar

If I disappear for a brief time, or forget to update, feel free to remind me to update after any appointment!

(Keeping in mind that doctors appointments are on top of the usual:
M,T, Th Physical Therapy, M & F Occupational Therapy and T & Th Vision Therapy...)

Where Chase and I will be in March :^)

3rd~ Developmental Clinic @ Children's to discuss the MRI findings...

4th~ General Surgery consult @ Children's to discuss feeding tube
Early Intervention IFSP 6 month review

(I'd better mention the 5th is Dave's Birthday!)

6th~ 18 month check up (first visit since MRI and all other excitement)

9th-13th-One day this week we will have an appointment for someone to come out and look at the house to start the ramp project

19th~ Feeding Clinic at Children's to make final feeding tube decision
Grandpa Handy's Birthday!

24th~ Pediatric Ophthalmologist for his 6 month follow up

28th~ Chase's Benefit

I think we'll take April OFF!!!!!!!!

It's funny really, we've gotten so close with Chase's Early Intervention Coordinator that Alex is at her house, playing with her son as we speak! LOL Life is funny...and very...very busy........


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