Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thanks to all of you...

We brought home our new baby, a Nautical Blue Toyota Sienna, on Friday. I will have pictures soon. I have been too busy driving it!

We should get to enjoy it for about a month before it gets shipped to Michigan for 8 weeks for the modifications. I'm going to miss it! I want to say once more how we could never have gotten the quality we did without your help. We had looked at MANY vans, but with the states requirements, and needing to keep the van a minimum of 7 years...we are thrilled! The 2nd and 3rd rows of seats will be pulled right out, the 2nd row bucket seats will be replaced with narrower "jump" seats, putting Alex closer to the window...The Sienna comes equipped with side curtain airbags along the entire length of the van. This was the selling point.

One big project just that front door and lift to go and I think things will "kind of" quiet down for a while!

Oh, one quick note. I was talking about the kindness of strangers recently. You know we switched neurologists just a few weeks ago. The assistant, Steve, called me two weeks ago and asked if we would mind if they had a dress down day for Chase! He called us back last week and asked if we could pick up the check, Dave stopped down during the day and picked up a check for $322.00...are people amazing or what??? This office is incredible. I told you there was something that clicked as soon as we went in. Steve told Dave that Dr. Q. is working hard for us so when we go back next month we have something to work toward, maybe something to explore.

Baby steps...



  1. yay! for the new van! I hope you are loving it! And that is awesome about the neurologist! What is a dress down day?

  2. Absolutely incredible (about the neurologist...although your van is way cool too)! Please, PLEASE keep me filled in on even the smallest details as you get the chance!

    Hugs, Cathy

  3. jen~a dress down day is when anyone in the office can dress casual for a donation. Sometimes it's a set amount, sometimes not. We are definitely loving the van!!! ty!