Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mini Update

I have to show off the fact that Chase has recently discovered...hands and knees! Not bad for no cerebellum!!!
I also am quite pleased, he's turning into quite the musician!

I should have news today about the porch/door/wheelchair lift because yesterday was the rescheduled day with the state, architect and Chase's coordinator...but this time the architect canceled because it was raining...this is proof, she's the Wicked Witch!!!

Next week he has another hearing test. I'm trying to think if we have any big appointments in May...Ok, here's the lineup:
May-Hematology to check coagulation factors and to find out why his carbon dioxide levels and BUN levels have been off so often (causing his frequent bouts of dehydration)
June-Neurology-back to discuss any options, ideas, any genetics testing they may want to consider etc...
Developmental Clinic-They are overseeing all of this...God Bless them...I couldn't do it...Let's hope he's gained some weight by then and we don't have to discuss feeding tubes...
July-Ophthalmology-He's seeing us back after 3 months instead of the usual 6. I think we'll be discussing surgery to straighten out his eyes! YAY!!! He wouldn't be doing this if he weren't able to see well at all. I am very excited about this. I would be so thrilled to take a head on photograph without it coming out cross-eyed. Not that he isn't gorgeous, of course...

On a non medical exciting note I have to add that Alex is getting ready for a big trip with my parents to D.C. for a week! He's leaving May 11th and is going to have SUCH an adventure!!! He is so excited.

Chase is fussy, I'll give more details soon.



  1. look at him! He looks like such a big boy... and way to go mister man in the crawling position! WOW.. he continues to amaze!