Sunday, May 3, 2009

Alex will be a "Guest of the White House Staff" a week from Wednesday!

Oh my gosh he's SO excited. My Uncle recently retired from the government so he was able to get Alex cleared for a special tour. Maybe Alex will get to see Michelle! I'll be thrilled if he even gets to see their DOG! LOL "BoBama!" He leaves with my Mom and Dad a week from Monday, heads down to the Baltimore Aquarium and then on to D.C. where he will spend a week exploring Mount Vernon, The Smithsonian, The White House and whatever surprises Brad and Charles have in store. (An extended field trip hehe!)

Well MY excitement is that this Tuesday Bernadette (Chase's coordinator, who I will now stop calling "coordinator" because we talk daily, when she calls her pediatrician she accidentally dials my number out of habit, she sends inappropriate emails and her family spent Friday night BBQ-ing at our house. So from now on she'll just be plain old my friend Bernadette, LOL).. anyhow, Tuesday Bernadette and the architect from UB (IF it doesn't rain...snow...sleet...get windy or cloudy...and I imagine if she can get here without making any right hand turns...)will be coming out at 1:30 to draw up the plans for the contractors to begin bidding on the door/porch/landing/wheelchair lift project. Keep your fingers crossed. I was hoping they could do this during warm weather rather than having a big hole in the living room during November.

To those that have been on my back (literally), I have an appointment with Dr. Simmons...tomorrow, sigh. In 2005 I had 2 discs removed from my neck, replaced with cadaver bone (I know, ew), fused, held together with a titanium plate and 4 screws. I've known the whole time I had as little as 1 year and a goal of 10 years before I had 2 more discs to do (also in my neck from an injury when I was 16). The time has come, I can't tolerate it any more. The hard part, knowing I'll be in the AWFUL hard Miami-J collar for 4 months...the thing that makes it easier, knowing I'll have respite care for Chase will help SO MUCH. Knowing I have Alex to help with Chase is wonderful! Having such amazingly helpful friends (hint hint) LMAO!!! My hope is that the van can go to Michigan while I am in the collar and can't drive anyhow.

Oh, I had a great time this week beginning to turn the front porch into an outdoor "therapy room" for Chase! This way I can avoid some cleaning this summer!!! I had a blast in Toys 'R Us, bought a ball pit, a pool that might hold 2" of water and still has a label on the side that warns "no diving"...good thing or Alex might have tried...we got a little tent for him, a bubble maker...outdoor carpet to cover the length of the porch. YAY! Now I need to create gates to block the stairs.

Enjoy the warming weather, come join us on the porch if you happen to drive by and see our heads poking up, LOL! XOXO

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