Thursday, May 7, 2009

The good (the architect!), the bad (the van's power steering pump) and the ugly (the Brittons waiting for a tow truck in the rain)

That sums it up. Have a good one! LOL

Ok, I'll clarify...

Tuesday the architect came and it went GREAT! We'll have the plans within the next two weeks. Then we find 3 contractors to get bids from, present those to the DDSO (Developmental Disabilities Service Organization)and the project will go from there. She was really very nice and I ALMOST felt bad for "poking fun" at her for canceling and not showing up a few times in a row, LOL.

Now, the van. I love my van, and for some reason, I tend to love things for their imperfections, so it had to show that it too, was imperfect. We were out in Tonawanda, thankfully just off the 290 on River Road when this AWFUL smell hit us, Alex and I first reacted by laughing like little kids. We didn't realize the smell was US! Until we saw the smoke. We stopped laughing really fast, pulled into the Town Hall...saw the fluid pouring onto the ground...called Geico (thank God we pay for their roadside service). They sent a tow truck (eventually) and my Dad picked us up. The tow truck took the van to the dealership. We'll have it back tomorrow, they just had to order a pump. We got a new van over night. We had to run out today and grab the wheelchair, Chase has a hearing test tomorrow and we pick up his AFO's (leg braces) in the morning.

Well, tonight is my FAVORITE night of the week. I live for The Office. It's one show I can watch each season over and over again and say, well my life COULD be tougher...I could be a beet farmer!!!

XOXO!!! Love~Chase's Mom! :o)

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  1. **giggle** it's a shame you don't live closer.. we could SO hangout!! I love that you giggled at the smell and I thought I was one of the few people that lived for Thursday nights.. and NOT for Survivor. And, yes, you could be a beet farmer that was in love with a girl who was two-timin' ya.... and, by the way, the part of England we lived in for two years was near a factory where they made sugar from beets... it smelled AWFUL!