Monday, May 18, 2009

Mr. Britton Goes to Washington

He had a GREAT time. He even forgot to call us a few times! That says it all, LOL. These pictures are from my Uncle Brad's house and Mount Vernon. They couldn't take anything into the White House so absolutely no pictures.

From Monday to Saturday they managed to see: The Baltimore Aquarium, The White House, The Capitol Building, The Air and Space Museum, The Museum of Natural History, The National Gallery of Art, Mount Vernon, The National Cathedral, multiple restaurants and at least one Dairy Queen that we know of!

I KNOW I'm missing things...bottom line is they had a wonderful trip and we're thrilled to have him back and thrilled he had the experience!

Nothing new with the little guy right now. He sees the Hematologist Wednesday...other than that, things are as usual...

Take care!!!

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