Monday, March 30, 2009


Thank you for a WONDERFUL evening! We are still overwhelmed by the turnout and the support. I want to thank everyone who came, made a donation, sent a basket, collected gift certificates, helped prepare in any way and took the time to help us.

Thank you so much to all our elves who came early to set up and stayed late to clean up. Thank you to everyone for your patience with us over the past few weeks while I've been a little "stressed". Thank you for all the cards, letters, checks and "anonymous" donations.

Thank you to the gentleman in Orchard Park, a perfect stranger, who felt compelled to help Chase and sent $500.00 after he opened the paper to Chase's story.

Thank you Paula, for making me cry. I was so touched by the bouquet of daises and roses placed on the bar with candles in Trey's memory.

Thank you Michelle, Toby, Paula, Mike, Patty, Tom, Jake, Erin, Merrie Jo, Clark, Dawn, Clark's Dad (sorry I don't know you're name!), Jamie, Sabrina, Austin, Alex and Justin for being our "Special Elves".

Thank you to the Flyin' Blind Blues Band...Everyone LOVED you! Thank you to our rockin' DJ!!!

Michelle, Toby, Paula, Mike, and Jake, Thank you for the idea, the planning, the preparation and the friendship involved in putting this benefit together. Thank you for everything, the yelling, the laughing and the crying. You can't do that with strangers!

I will post pictures when my eyes are more open....


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